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Welcome to Inside Empolis!

Depending on the field you are working in, different strengths are required - from creative idea generators and numerical geniuses to code junkies and coffee jugglers - everyone brings their qualities to the table. 


We are a diverse team of currently 236 Emponauts. The majority  has a computer science background. But our team also includes economists, social scientists, humanities scholars, physicists, chemists, engineers, and mathematicians. 


No matter what field, whether training, studies or career change, what counts for us: Is your passion!

Product Development & Project Management

Our development teams are divided into the areas of Product Development and Solution Delivery.

Our Product Development is responsible for further developing our platform and cloud products. Whereas in Solution Delivery, our platform products are implemented on a customer-specific level. In both areas, we look forward to experienced reinforcement. Whether as a specialist in data science and artificial intelligence or an expert in front-end or back-end development, we offer an agile working environment where your expertise makes a valuable contribution. Of course, we also promote young talents. As a junior software developer or junior DevOps engineer, you will be well supported in our teams and can expand your skills.

In addition, we offer project leaders and managers, product managers and consultants an exciting environment with renowned and globally leading customers from various industries.

Whether as a developer in a team or in direct customer contact - with us, you can put your skills to use, live out your solution-oriented creativity and grow with new challenges.


You can find out more about our solutions and products here.



Since we work according to the proven agile Scrum method, you are also in good hands with us as a Scrum Master or Product Owner. Scrum defines a structured yet flexible development process that makes results visible quickly. This means a great deal of responsibility for our teams but, at the same time, a lot of fun at work.




In addition, our developers bring together proven technologies with new techniques as well as alternative solution approaches in the further development of products and in the implementation of new projects - such as the integration of modern NoSQL databases and graph databases, the interaction of the IAS with the lean scripting language Lua, among others, for the extension and configuration of knowledge management solutions, the use of the latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js in the front-end for the development of contemporary web applications as well as JavaScript (Node.js) and Java with Springboot in the back-end and the use of portable productivity-enhancing libraries such as boost under C++.

Sales & Marketing


You are convincing with your confident appearance and charm? You don't want a monotonous working day, but variety? You are eloquent and can convince people of a vision and a product with your charisma?


Since you are on the road a lot, you will be provided with a company car and a company mobile phone. Furthermore, you will mainly support us remotely but regularly seek contact with colleagues on-site.




Are you a social media professional and no stranger to content marketing? Your middle name is creativity? Do you love events and contact with customers? Your heart beats for performance marketing?

Our marketing team ensures a successful presentation of the company and our products. Everything is covered, from content marketing to social media marketing and performance marketing to product marketing. Therefore, creativity and textual confidence are a matter of course in this area. Preparing and attending trade fairs and events are also part of the job.



Are numbers your favourite companion? Do you keep track of complex tasks?

Structure and quality characterise your way of working? You see connections, know how to interpret forecasts and feel comfortable in an advisory role? Are you precise and meticulous when it comes to deadlines and correct processes? Then Finance is the right place for you.




Our controlling team is made up of Excel professionals. It supports the management in achieving the set strategy and ensures transparency regarding the key figures of our target achievement. When you work here, you control and plan in financial terms and always keep an overview. The basic requirements are a love of numbers and a very planned approach to work.




Our team in the accounting department takes care of the complete balance sheet accounting; they carry out and monitor all financial transactions, conduct numerous analyses and ensure well-maintained databases and comprehensive documentation. In this area, you need precision, reliability, expertise in using accounting software, and good time management.

HR & Office Management


Are you empathetic, good at communicating, and enjoy working with people?

Do you feel confident in the employment law environment? Are you loyal and an organisational talent?

You are full of ideas, don't shy away from new strategies and like to be involved in innovative projects where you can fully develop your expertise?

Then you are in good hands with us in the Human Resources department. The HR team coordinates and supports recruiting, takes care of personnel development, talent management, personnel management and controlling. In addition, our colleagues play a leading role in implementing global HR strategies and processes and ensuring positive employer branding.



Are you an office pro?

Are you also confident in dealing with customers and business partners?

Our office management team handles all back-office matters - from reception, appointment coordination and travel planning to internal organisational and process issues. Relieving the management and ensuring smooth day-to-day business are among the core tasks and require a high degree of flexibility, resilience, trustworthiness and organisational skills.

Unsolicited Application 

You want to become an #Emponaut, but there is no suitable position for you?


Then simply send us a unsolicited application. Describe your desired field of activity as precisely as possible and provide arguments as to how and why you can strengthen us. Hiring through unsolicited applications is not a rarity for us.


Applications for internships, student traineeships and theses are welcome!

unsolicited application

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As part of the IT Campus, our headquarters in Kaiserslautern is not only easily accessible by all means of transport - car, public transport, bicycle - but is also located in very modern and bright premises. A total of three conference rooms are available for meetings, and in the chill room, a foosball table and a dartboard are waiting to be used for a little time-out.


As at all other locations, there is no lack of catering in the form of sweets or fruit, nor of coffee, tea and cold drinks. Various options in the vicinity ensure that no one goes hungry at lunchtime and that there is something for every taste.


After work, Kaiserslautern - or "Lautre", as the people of the Palatinate call it - offers everything your heart desires: whether you prefer to go to the cinema, go on a shopping spree after work or enjoy sports, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Lautre. The proximity to the Palatinate Forest also invites you to outdoor activities and wine tastings and offers a beautiful scenic backdrop. Or you can go for a beer in one of the many bars and pubs with one of your 100 colleagues working at our headquarters.


Office day: Tuesday



Our Bielefeld office is located in the "Altstadt/Bielefeld-Mitte", close to the city and with excellent  transport connections. We are sometimes not sure about whether Bielefeld really exists, but you will have to solve this riddle for yourself when you visit us.


In the former Dürkopp factory buildings, you will find offices, two conference rooms and two creative spaces. The kitchen, dining room and living room invite you to take cozy breaks in between - our 40 or so Emponauts feel right at home in the cozy atmosphere. And for those who like it a little more active, the table football in our lounge is a great place to play.


Bielefeld is not only the region's economic centre but also promises diverse opportunities in the leisure sector. Regardless of whether culture or sports are on your after-work programme, you definitely won't be disappointed. The enchanting old town of Bielefeld shows its charm, especially in the evening, and invites you to end the day in a good restaurant or bar.


Office day: Wednesday


With around 50 Emponauts, something is always going on at the Darmstadt location. The office is close to the city centre and can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by public transport from the city centre and the train station. The bus/tram stop Kasinostraße is less than 5 minutes away.


There are two Emponaut groups at lunch:

1) The Mensa riders, who cycle to the TU Mensa and eat lunch together.

2) The rest eat together in the social room (brought or ordered).


Italian, Turkish and Vietnamese restaurants are also around the corner and are very popular with the Darmstadt Emponauts.


The charming office has a social room with a couch, table football and dartboard. Here, people relax in between games and gamble more often. Occasionally there are also board game evenings or whisky tastings. An absolute speciality in Darmstadt is the SaaS! 😉


Office day: Thursday


At the beginning of 2023, our Emponauts moved from Rimpar to the brand new office in Würzburg. The InnoHubs sets new standards and focuses on networking and innovation - quite fitting for us. The modern office is close to the University of Würzburg, and the FH campus is just a stone's throw away.


The most important kitchen utensil is the coffee machine, which has had to do a remarkable job in the last few years: 78,100 cups of coffee have been drunk by our 30 or so employees since it was purchased.


Due to the manageable number of employees, our location is characterised by a very familiar atmosphere - board game evenings or visits to the cinema are common here. In the evening, the beautiful city of Würzburg invites you to participate in various leisure activities. Especially in summer, you can end the day wonderfully with a glass of wine on the famous old bridge over the Main. And if that's not enough arguments in favour of Würzburg: As far as public holidays are concerned, "we Bavarians" are, of course, out of competition ...


Office day: Thursday


That's Empolis:

Our Corporate Culture 

Corporate culture is the be-all and end-all when it comes to employee satisfaction or the implementation of corporate strategy. No matter how effective the strategy may be, if the culture is not right, the achievement of the goals will be far off.

In our Code of Conduct, we have clearly formulated the existing and desirable Empolis corporate culture. In this way, we create transparency and orientation in our daily dealings with each other.


If you would like to learn more about our corporate culture and experience the Empolis spirit, please look at our website or social media.



We trust each other, pull together, and go the extra mile when necessary.


We promote company-internal, cross-department, and cross-loaction  exchange and collaboration.


We work together in a spirit of respect and appreciation.


Our feedback culture is based on praise, constructive criticism, and people contributing suggestions of their own.


We excel through transparency, courtesy, and reliability in our actions.


We wow our customers by exceeding their expectations.


We think in terms of customer benefit - i.e., "What for and Why" rather than just "What and How".


We win our customers' trust through quality, reliability, innovation, and courtesy.


Our partnerships are based on appreciation, trust, and respect.


To enable innovation, we dare to engage in experiments, allow space for new ideas and let go of the old.


Our experience helps us shape our transformation to achieve a positive outcome.


We anticipate the future so that we act rather than just react.


We learn from our mistakes and continuously improve.


We jointly strive to create simple, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions.


We use suitable internal and external standards, methods, and tools.


We say "No" even to good ideas if they don't match our strategy.


We support and expect lifelong learning for continuous personal development.


We offer Emponauts a long-term perspective through individual development opportunities.


We experience constructive criticism as an opportunity for further personal and professional development.


We show initiative, take on responsibility and meet challenges with a solution-oriented approach.


We support a good work-life balance and allow an appropriate mix of mobile and onsite work.


We pay our taxes and don't engage in active tax avoidance at the locations where we operate.


We support local businesses, social and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.


We seek to conserve resources in our work and are actively committed to protecting the climate and the environment.


We use technology, artificial intelligence in particular, while observing ethical principles , impartiality and transparency, as well as privacy and data security


What Emponauts say about us

As a project manager and knowledge engineer, I have been in charge of ever-changing and exciting customer projects at Empolis for many years. It's great to see how our products continue to improve, also through my own influence.


Project Manager

As a dual student, I was perfectly introduced to the working world at Empolis and, as an online marketing manager, I am now able to supervise and implement exciting projects myself!


Junior Online Marketing Manager

In the "war for talents", my HR department is of great importance. Working together in this competition with modern tools, innovative recruiting measures and great colleagues is a lot of fun.


Director Human Resources

The traineeship as an IT specialist for application development at Empolis offers me the perfect mix of teamwork, insights into different areas and the opportunity to develop my skills in the full-stack area - and all this in a great team.


Trainee IT specialist for application development

The Scrum methodology enables us to deliver world-class work and foster a remote working culture that strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and productivity. Equipped with a state-of-the-art work environment, I feel inspired every day to contribute to our goal-oriented mission. The icing on the cake: working with the most supportive colleagues I have ever had. Empolis is the epitome of a thriving modern employer!


Junior Software Developer

If you want to get in touch with exciting projects and customers, then Empolis is the right place for you. It's a lot of fun to work on projects and in a team and to constantly develop yourself. Working on your own responsibility and "thinking outside the box" are welcomed here.


Project Manager

At Empolis, I am responsible for all aspects of a project: technical implementation, budget and schedule, customer satisfaction and marketing impact. This is more challenging, but therefore also much more interesting for me than being limited to partial aspects. I like always coming into contact with new topics and exciting companies.


Director Delivery & Operations

Empolis encourages me in my personal development direction. Good ideas are valued here and independent work is welcomed.


Channel Sales Manager

In IT Service, no day is like the other. There are always new challenges waiting to be overcome in a great team, where everyone can contribute their personal strengths. I would choose Empolis again.


Head of IT Service

Your Way to Empolis


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Have you found a job in our job list that could suit you? Then send us your documents! A motivation letter is not obligatory - but it may set you apart from others.

We check your Application

Once we have received your application, it will be carefully reviewed by representatives of our HR team and the relevant department. This can take approx. 5-7 working days.

Meeting Online

If we think you have the right technical know-how for this position, we will invite you to an initial online meeting with representatives of the specialist department.

Meeting On Site

The next and often last step in our standard process is meeting you on site in person. A team member from HR and our CEO Andreas will also take part in this interview.

Contract Offer

If it is right for you and us, we will quickly prepare a contract offer. All that remains to be done is to sign and prepare for onboarding.